Hello, world! Goodbye mall!

The note below is from November 2019.  Boy did we get out with good timing.  Thinking of our family and friends from our stores and think about you often, especially this time of year.  We are all well and hope the same for you and yours. – SH 11/25/22 

11 is an auspicious number.  11 years ago in November we opened our doors in Lakeline Mall in our first location (we call it 1.0).  That location was our home for 7 years. A couple moves later found us in the location we are in now…and as we do each time we consider our lease renewal, we consider all options.

This time, after 11 years of operation we’ve decided that this November is the last one we will have a store.  We’ve grown up with many of you.  Our youngest spent half her life with this store, eldest spent over a third of his life here….and suddenly they are adults.  To quote a movie favorite: Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t take time to stop and look around you might miss it. The only thing keeping these two old folks from vacations and visiting family during the holidays is being retail and working mall hours.

It’s been a fun ride and we’re ready to change the scenery a bit.  More fishing, hunting, skiing and travel and less mall. 

As a family, we feel our family has grown in size with our team/family that has worked with us through the years and the family of customers we’ve seen grow from when they had parties in 1.0 to bringing their kids in later.  We are honored to have been able to enjoy life with so many people.  Thank you for your generosity of spirit and allowing us to be part of your lives.  We will miss our people in the day to day but do not want to become those tired and cranky people that wait too long to leave.  11 years.  That went fast.   It was fun. 

We are excited and a little bit sad…but more excited.