About Us

Here’s the scoop.  If you’re in our store, you’ll hear Tim give this speech. It’s what we do in a nutshell.

We buy, sell, and trade any game system ever made. This includes every part, cable, and controller to all those systems. From Atari and NES to Xbox One and PS4, we have it all.  We are family owned and 100% local to Austin.

We love our customers and community. We really like sharing our knowledge and passion for gaming with y’all. We are always happy to answer any questions about gaming that you might have or just nerd out. We aren’t interested in selling you one game, we are interested in making this the store where you buy all your games. We’ll don’t want to sell you something you don’t need to make your gaming experience just right or pressure you into buying something. We have to be about to sleep at night with a clean conscience.

Stop by and visit a different kind of game store.

Find us downstairs by the train at

11200 Lakeline Mall Drive
Cedar Park, Texas 78613

call:  512-250-0756

we have gift cards
Gift cards get a bad rap.  They shouldn't.  Do you know what's a much worse gamer gift?  Getting 4 copies of the same game and...
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Extended holiday warranty is in effect now.
Our used game and console warranty against defect is extended to begin on Christmas.  So, don't fret!  Just be sure to get that gift receipt...
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What we buy

We buy any console ever made, along with all the cables, controllers, and games to those systems.   A complete system should include the console (of course) one 1st party controller and all the cables.  If you are missing a cable or controller don’t worry we’ll still take it, just at a discount. We buy disc games with or without the original box, however games without box art will be taken in at a discount. But like all things that are too good to be true there are some exceptions:

  • We don’t take broken consoles. There isn’t much we can do with them unfortunately aside building furniture. This includes: Red Ring Of Death, Yellow Bar Of Death, disc read errors, broken ports, etc.
  • We don’t buy controllers or cables with exposed wiring. Shocking.
  • Past generation third party controllers with the exception of some Logitechs.
  • Turtle Beach headsets
  • Anything with battery acid in it.
  • Buggy systems (meaning full of bugs)
  • Cracked or warped discs
  • Xbox 360s that are older than 2008 and PS3s that are backwards compatible with PS2 games


think of this as more like a scrapbook from days gone by
Some reminders about Pokemon game cartridges
Our list of people waiting for Pokemon carts is growing fast.  I'd say we're in the rut we've seen before (usually followed by a glut...go...
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Video from the February Melee Tourney
The Daily Texan was at the tourney on Saturday. Here is some video. Tim would probably like an "H" for his name, but it looks...
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BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER! We’re a Best of Austin Critic’s pick!!
Thank you, Austin Chronicle, for putting us in the Kid's Critic's Picks for:   Best Everything and the Kitchen Sink Gaming Store.  Here's a link...
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Thoughts about warranties and relationships
When you buy used, warrantied merchandise from us, we have a relationship.   These relationships are two way and voluntary.  There are rare situations (oh so...
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Portal Guns – solution to traffic probems?
This would be the best solution for traffic...and store transfers.  Unfortunately, they look cool, make sounds and light up...I haven't gotten a portal open yet. ...
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We have quite a few services we offer to make your gaming life easier.

  • Disc Buffing: We have a magical disc buffing machine at both of our locations. We can buff games, movies, CDs, and even blu ray AND GAMECUBE discs. Yes, I said GameCube!
  • Wishlist: Looking for a game that you just can’t seem to find? We can put you on our wishlist and call you when a game you are looking for comes it!
  • Toggle and Battery Replacements: We do battery placements on Pokemon games and toggle replacements on Nintendo 64 controllers.