Benefits of selling your used video games to us

Here are just some of the benefits of selling to us.

We often make the best offer for your used merchandise.

Our pricing system is updated multiple times weekly. The base list starts with a national list which sometimes makes no sense for Austin’s quirky demands and needs.  Our pricing is matched to our market and is then modified for those items that are in demand in Austin.  We don’t always beat the big guys on the newer merchandise when they are having promotions (our normal offers often do).  If you were offered more elsewhere, let us know because there might be something we haven’t caught yet.  We’re small and don’t have large corporate offices with dozens of people focused on pricing. We do have one pretty serious database geek trying to train some others while she’s managing terabits of neato data elsewhere and lots of games and changes.  That means sometimes she hasn’t caught something.  Just ask if you’re not sure.  We can verify quickly and appreciate your help so we can continue being both competitive and fair.

We offer cash and store credit

Not everyone offers cash. To be honest, we don’t offer as much in cash as we do in store credit. By default it averages at half of store credit, but if you are a regular customer and have a cash target or specific need, sometimes we have some wiggle room and are willing to work with you.

We track your store credit and have it backed up so if you lose your trade receipt, it’s not like losing money.  We’ve got you covered.

Yes, we actually have a system that will track your store credit and transactions on your account. That means you don’t have to keep a written receipt to get your credit redeemed. If you lose your receipt, we have it in the database and can retrieve it. You’ll have to remember your account number or name and show some I.D. so we can protect you. Otherwise, the written receipt is not like money you’ve lost. You deserve your credit due, even without a hand written receipt.