What we buy

We buy any console ever made, along with all the cables, controllers, and games to those systems.   A complete system should include the console (of course) one 1st party controller and all the cables.  If you are missing a cable or controller don’t worry we’ll still take it, just at a discount. We buy disc games with or without the original box, however games without box art will be taken in at a discount. But like all things that are too good to be true there are some exceptions:

  • We don’t take broken consoles. There isn’t much we can do with them unfortunately aside building furniture. This includes: Red Ring Of Death, Yellow Bar Of Death, disc read errors, broken ports, etc.
  • We don’t buy controllers or cables with exposed wiring. Shocking.
  • Past generation third party controllers with the exception of some Logitechs.
  • Turtle Beach headsets
  • Anything with battery acid in it.
  • Buggy systems (meaning full of bugs)
  • Cracked or warped discs
  • Xbox 360s that are older than 2008 and PS3s that are backwards compatible with PS2 games