Store moving Clearance SALE now through Memorial Day (5/30/2016)

News FLASH! We’re moving again!!  That means Clearance Sale! Someone likes the space we’ve been in temporarily more than we do (it really is bigger than we need!) and the mall has committed to finding us a better spot. Rather than doing another move for a short while, then moving again, we’ve decided to wait for a long-term solution for our Lakeline Store. Construction starts on the new tenant’s space on 6/4 so we will be out before then (The youngest team member is being graduated from Westwood on 6/3…we’re…

Holiday extended warranty 2014 starts NOW!

Sack Claus in the Christmas 2011 window at Lakeline

We have updated our receipts to show our 2014 holiday extended warranty against defect Our holiday extended warranty against defect covers you for early gift shopping.  This means you can take advantage of our pre-Black Friday deals and feel confident in your selection. We do this because there are a limited number of available classic games and consoles and we want those of you that plan well to be prepared and confident in your purchase from our stores. Effective today, our warranty against defect on used merchandise is 30 days from…

Thanks for the heroic mention,!

I was googling around to see how our search works and found this lovely post from a new friend.    I had fun enjoying their visit and really like her blog!  I figured I should post here and share the fun with y’all…I can’t be greedy. Check out Lori’s site at and here’s the post mentioning us. Enjoy, so far I found cool links to blogs I like as well as fun articles about things I nerd about too. -Stace

Adding October specials to the calendar – watch for savings this month!!!

Sack Claus in the Christmas 2011 window at Lakeline

Do you wonder why we would have October Specials?  Because we want you to get the best deal and we don’t have door busters (we don’t want our doors busted….that’s already happened and it is less fun than it sounds). We have the inventory now, but we might not once people get shopping.  Our solution is to have our big specials in October for those of you planning to give a classic gaming gift.  As insiders and friends, we hope you’ll take advantage of our deals this month.  If you’re…