Local business favorites: A Key Within and Jade Clay Works

Being a local family owed business, we love supporting other local businesses. Especially the geeky ones! That’s why today we’ve decided to highlight two local businesses we absolutely love.

First is AKeyWithin. I’m sure you’ve seen her adorable cartridge necklaces in both of our stores! From NES and Nintendo 64 games, to Action Comics Sarah makes them all by hand! She can even do custom requests!

20150729_161718Secondly there is Jade Clay Works. Jade Clay is probably most known for their Fairies in a Bottle that glow in the dark! I know I personally have one of every color. Aside from Fairies in a Bottle, they also have hand made clay art! From Mario Mushroom earrings and Pokeball necklaces to even Fish Cake necklaces, Jade Clay Works has an amazing imagination and awesome clay skills!



AKeyWithin and Jade Clay Works are just two of the many awesome, geeky, locally owned businesses in Austin. We love doing business with them, and you should too!


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