Some reminders about Pokemon game cartridges

Our list of people waiting for Pokemon carts is growing fast.  I’d say we’re in the rut we’ve seen before (usually followed by a glut…go figure!).  Last week, we experienced something that made us really sad and I wanted to get this reminder out there so you don’t make the same mistake another person or two has made.

If your game used to save and quit saving, it’s rarely broken forever…DO NOT THROW IT AWAY TO BUY ANOTHER.

They have a battery and you can often replace the battery to solve the problem.  This is the case with most Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy advance Pokemon carts.  We can replace them for you or you can have someone else do it, but please, please, please don’t throw them away.

Also, if yours died, we will still buy them for less than if it saved  (we’ll be replacing the battery so we’ll pay less).  That said, there are some fake games out there that act like they are a battery issue.  There is a lot of information online, you can refer to if you need help.  We don’t buy those…not because they don’t save, but because they are not real Pokemon games and we don’t sell them.

Please, don’t send your no longer saving cartridge games to the landfill, we can save them (hopefully) we have the technology <insert Bionic woman theme song here>.




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