Ode to Wii – or why you should want one of the originals

We’re learning that a lot of folks are not aware of the fact that the original Wii consoles will play GameCube games.  They do.  The doors on the top of the console hide the 4 controller ports and memory card slots.

The Wii good news

All you need to play Game Cube games on your Wii is a Game Cube controller and, if you want to save your game, a memory card.  Viola!

The Wii bad news

the Mini Wii, or newer Wiis do not play Game Cube games because they don’t have those ports.

Here’s even WORSE news: There are Wii games that use those ports that aren’t Wii games.  For example:  Any game with a Dance Mat uses the GameCube port, which isn’t on the newer Wii….and even thought the WiiU plays Wii games, it’s not possible to plug that dance mat into a WiiU either.

So, today we’ve learned that all Wiis aren’t made alike, and some are actually AMAZINGLY cool and can play some really good games with a simple controller addition.

I’m going to make a new post category to put these in.  Who knows, maybe we’ll spread the word on some of the cooler things we learn while cleaning, testing and loving our consoles and games.

Thanks for playing -Stace

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