New releases – how we work

How we “do” new releases

So, we normally get new releases in for street date and try to plan for everyone.  Sometimes it’s a miss.  Our customer base is growing rapidly (thanks!) and sometimes we underestimate (boo!).

Note: Save yourself the call, we don’t break street date. The few dollars extra you’re willing to pay isn’t worth us not being able to sell games at the same time the big chains do. It’s a short-sighted plan. It’s also ensuring that the small independent stores can’t have midnight releases for some of the bigger titles this year. We’re sad about that.

Back to the good part…..WE WILL ensure we have a copy set aside for you if you let us know you’re waiting on one.  We’ve created a preorder/hold list for each upcoming releases to ensure we are ordering enough.  If you’re really interested in making sure you get a copy on release date, make sure your name is on our list so we can a) order the right amount and b) have it waiting for you on street date.

We’ll call you to let you know it’s in.  Remember,  you haven’t paid for it, so don’t leave us hanging or we might sell the one we counted for you if we run out fast.  If you just confirm that you’re going to pick it up, we’ll hold it, no problem!

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