Picture Yourself in a Match of Grifball

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Everything you need to play grifball except for you! Stop by the GrifballHub booth at RTX this year and get your chance to pose with the intimidating Gravity Hammer Tim made, the super coolio Plasma Sword, and the incredibly dangerous bomb. Pictures will be more than welcomed!

We will be there throughout the weekend taking pictures. Your picture might end up on our website and Facebook, so keep a keen eye out for yourself! Tag yourself on our Facebook if you find a picture of you over the weekend.

We are so excited to see Halo and Rooster Teeth fans from all over the world!

GrifballHub Sponsored by 343 Industries and GamerZ Galaxy

We are happy to announce that 343 Industries and GamerZ Galaxy will be sponsoring the GrifballHub activities and booth at RTX this year.

There will be a tournament with $5000 in prize money. This is the most in GrifballHub history!

In addition to the tournament,  free-play stations provided by us will be set up to play Grifball all weekend long. GrifballHub will also have a booth full of swag like t-shirts, bags, and playing cards!

More surprises to come and announcements to come this week!

We hope to see you there and having fun.

Well meet you in the middle.


Wishlist: An Easier Way to Collect the Games You Want

There is always that one game that you can never find unless you want to pay a billion dollars in shipping to buy it online. We think that’s silly. That’s why we offer a Wishlist. What is a wishlist you ask? A wishlist is a list (who knew) that you put your name on and we can call you when we get a game in! This is great if you are looking for those rare titles like Earthbound or Rule of Rose. Even if you are looking for more common games this will save you time and energy from calling to check in every other day.

We call people on our wishlist before a game is put out, so you can rest assured that you will be the first to be notified when the game you want gets traded in. If there are multiple people on the wishlist for the same game, we will call in order of date added.

So sit back, relax, and wait for us to call!